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Body Worn Camera EC006

The EC006 audio and video body worn camera is a forensic device that integrates video recording, photo taking, and audio recording functions for different departments. This device supports 2K high-definition video recording, local storage, anti-jitter mechanism, video compression, and central management. The small, light, and portable body worn camera with ultra-long battery life is a good helper for onsite manager's works. It is widely used in traffic issue, transportation, energy, emergency, urban management and market supervision.



    Smart Chip with Excellent Performance

    7 Jan 2019
    Ensures high performance and low power consumption.

    Ultra -long Battery Life and Efficient Assurance

    7 Jan 2019
    Integrates an advanced chip with the low power consumption algorithm, reducing the power consumption of the entire system by 20%.
    Supports 1080p video recording for at least 11 hours.
    Supports video recording in low power consumption mode for at least 13 hours.

    Six -Axis Image Stabilization for Stable Video Recording

    7 Jan 2019
    Integrates the intelligent anti-jitter algorithm to improve the stability of mobile video recording, ensuring stable and clear images in mobile scenarios.