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Construction site solutions


Construction site

Dealing with complex environments and high personnel mobility


Due to the complex construction site environment and high personnel mobility, walkie talkies need to have high power and dust-proof and waterproof functions to ensure stable operation in various environments.

Powerful performance


For example, the ETMY ET-538 analog walkie talkie has a series of functional advantages, including 10W high power, IP68 protection level, one click quick response, customized noise reduction, etc., which will fundamentally solve user problems and further improve work efficiency.

Meeting the special needs of the construction site


The walkie talkie solution at the construction site also needs to meet some special needs, such as the need for group communication, so that the construction site management personnel can provide unified command to all workers; ET-538 has a longer battery life to meet the needs of long-term operation; A large communication distance is required to cover the entire construction site.

Enhance the safety guarantee of construction sites


In addition, the use of digital mode can obtain two-way radio through additional functions such as GPS tracking, emergency alarms, and long-term worker monitoring, thereby enhancing the safety guarantee of the construction site. In the event of an emergency or accident, team members can quickly communicate with each other and remind necessary personnel to provide immediate assistance.

Establish a comprehensive communication network


ETMY walkie talkies can be integrated with other communication systems, such as walkie talkies, public broadcasting systems, and mobile devices, to create a comprehensive communication network at the construction site. This integration enables seamless communication between workers, supervisors, and management, thereby improving coordination and decision-making