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eSCN230 Private Core Network Switching Unit

The switching gateway device eSCN230 is a miniaturized core network device, used for small and medium-sized network scenarios of industry customers. eSCN230 is a small and medium-sized enterprise-level broadband multimedia core network device, developed on the HERT platform.


    7 Jan 2019
    The most prominent feature of eSCN230 is the miniaturization of core network equipment.
    eSCN230 is a small and medium-sized core network device developed on ROSA/HERT software and hardware platform. It provides the basic functions of private core network on a miniaturized hardware device platform.
    7 Jan 2019
    For industry customers, most of their networks have less than 50 base stations. The product form of eSCN230 has outstanding advantages and strong market competitiveness in terms of volume and cost.
    Both functions and specifications of eSCN230 have been further improved. The maximum number of static groups available for a single user has been increased, and there are more comprehensive functions. eSCN230 uses wireless base station platform - HERT, which has a height of 2U and meets the installation criterion for 19-inch cabinets. The HERT shelf mainly includes: 8 service board slots, 1 fan module slot and 2 power module slots.