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ETMY ET-79 Handheld Walkie-talkie

ETMY ET-79 walkie-talkie is a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, stylish design, and user-friendly features. Its anti-magnetic speaker design ensures exceptional audio quality, the blue and black dual-tone design offers a unique and durable appearance, and the VOX voice control provides a level of convenience that enhances the user experience.

Whether you're in a professional setting or out on an adventure, the ET-79 is the communication tool that delivers on all fronts. Choose the ET-79 for a seamless and stylish communication solution.

    Function Introduction

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    Superior Audio Quality

    7 Jan 2019
    The ET-79 features an innovative anti-magnetic speaker design that delivers crystal-clear audio even in the most challenging environments. This unique design ensures that the speaker is protected from magnetic interference, which can often distort sound quality.
    ETMY ET-66 LED Walkie-talkie (7)m4v

    Blue and Black Dual-Tone Design

    7 Jan 2019
    The ET-79 doesn't just offer technological prowess; it also boasts a stylish blue and black dual-tone design that sets it apart from standard walkie-talkies. This sleek color scheme is not only visually appealing but also serves a practical purpose.
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    VOX Voice transmit

    7 Jan 2019
    The ET-79's VOX (Voice Operated transmit) feature takes convenience to the next level by allowing for hands-free operation. This advanced technology responds to the user's voice, enabling transmission without the need to press any buttons.