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Radio solutions for hotel security



Challenges of hotel security radios


The building structure of the hotel is complex, and the influence of electronic equipment may cause the radio signal to be unable to reach various areas, especially basements, fire escapes, elevators and other areas. In addition, it often happens that communication between walkie-talkies cannot be achieved due to long distances or obstructions by buildings. To solve these problems, hotel security radio solutions emerged.

Solution for walkie-talkie signal


To solve the problem of walkie-talkie signal coverage, base station technology can be used. The base station can relay the radio signals at different frequencies and then send the signals through the indoor antenna distribution system, thus extending the communication distance between the radios. After using the base station, the influence of the building structure and environment on the wireless signal will be overcome and the communication effect of the walkie-talkie will be improved.

Intelligentization of hotel security radios


With the development of technology, hotel security radios are also developing in an intelligent direction. For example, through intelligent security monitoring technology, real-time monitoring of hotel lobbies, corridors, elevators, rooms and other areas can be achieved to improve security efficiency. In addition, hotel security systems can also provide customized security solutions based on the hotel's functional divisions, such as commercial hotels, tourist hotels, resort hotels, residential hotels, highway hotels, etc.

Combination of walkie-talkie and network


Modern hotel security radio solutions are no longer just simple radio communications, but are closely integrated with network technology. Through the combination of radio and network, functions such as remote monitoring and remote command can be realized to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of hotel security. For example, ETMY's wireless radio system solution is a coverage system based on 4G public network + analog private network + Wi-fi network, which fully combines network technology to provide an efficient hotel security solution.