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Motorola DP4400 Walkie Talkie Bluetooth Audio

The DP4400 walkie talkie features integrated Bluetooth audio and data functions, integrated GPS, and utilizes intelligent audio and customizable voice broadcasting functions to achieve first-class audio effects, bringing you an unparalleled voice and data communication experience.

    The DP4400 is suitable for the ultra-high and very high frequency bands, with a 5-line display screen and a complete keyboard, up to 1000 channel capacities, five programmable buttons, and one emergency button. The entire machine meets the IP57 immersion waterproof level and FM intrinsic safety standards.

    Dimensions (HxWxD)

    With standard battery (mm)

    130,3 x 55,2 x 34,3


    With standard battery (g)


    Battery life (With standard battery)

    @ 5/5/90 (h)

    Analog: 8 Digital: 11,8

    Talk time (h)

    Radio characteristics

    Frequency range (MHz)

    VHF: 136-174 UHF: 403-527

    Ouput power (W)

    VHF: 1-5 UHF: 1-4


    Operational temperature (°C)

    -30 / + 60

    Storage temperature (°C)

    -40 / +85

    Ingress Protection


    Function Introduction

    Premium audio
    Front high-volume speaker and intelligent audio function, which can automatically adjust the volume of the walkie talkie based on the ambient noise level

    Day or Night Display Mode
    The display screen can operate in day or night mode, making it easy to read even at night

    Bluetooth data
    Connect the walkie talkie to a Bluetooth enabled data device to share information in real-time

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